First of all, and unfortunately, the word ‘prepper’ has become somewhat of a bad word, thanks to the mainstream and the way that they’ve portrayed a minority of the overall preparedness-minded crowd, having often hand-picked the most extreme examples they could come up with and affixing their ways to the label of ‘prepper’.

Having said that, I often use the phrase ‘preparedness-minded’ to represent my own general interpretation of the prepper majority.

So, that aside, what is the general mindset of the prepper? I suspect that a preparedness-minded person may posses one or more of the following traits:

Someone who is somewhat (or very) skeptical (in a healthy way) of the mainstream status quo, the existing state of affairs, and how they are being presented, portrayed, and perceived by the masses – any or all of which may affect that someone…

Very likely to be more independent minded rather than automatically following the crowd.

A critical thinker who actually ‘thinks’ about things rather than someone whose thoughts are adrift like the leaf in a wind.

Someone with a degree of common sense and logic which is applied during thought, planning, actions, conversation, and decision making.

Open minded enough to see beyond their ‘societal blinders’ while recognizing the potential dangers that are out there in the world – both near and far.

Understands the fragility of civilized society and the fact that as a whole we are probably just a few paychecks away from collapse or only several missed meals away from chaos (for example).

Someone who knows that a ‘job’ is not guaranteed.

Someone who recognizes that today’s borrow-and-spend mentality will ultimately fail, and in fact it has already built a economic house of cards.

Someone who recognizes ‘the system’ for what it is – an interwoven web of deceit, falsehoods, lies, and traps that are designed to capture you in its sticky lair to enslave you as a host for the parasite that it is. (Metaphoric – but most of you get the drift…)

Self reliant while doing what they can do for themselves as best they can.

Someone who takes action rather than waiting for others to do it for them.

A person who values life and recognizes the need for security.

Understands the value of Food and Water and knows that 100% dependence on external systems for them are risky.

A preparedness-minded person sleeps better at night with peace of mind knowing that they are better off for it.

Lets hear from YOU – add to the list…

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