They’re Not Telling Us Almost All Covid-19 Deaths Are The Very Elderly

I suggested (awhile ago in one of my pandemic posts) that it would be helpful to compare ALL deaths by ANY cause between two equal sets of time-frame. The average number of deaths BEFORE Covid-19 and those AFTERWARDS. This would shed some helpful statistical light on the subject.

Well, what do you know… someone did just that. In Sweden. This person posted this information in a comment thread somewhere (I can’t remember exactly where). But I had copied the post for basis on a future article (which is this one).

So here’s the info:

“Excess” Deaths in Sweden, Ages 0 to 64 …

I just looked at the mortality figures in Sweden for this year – this is the statistical table that list all deaths by any cause. 

I looked at the death figures for this year in the 0-to-65 bracket and also looked at the time frame from when COVID-19 became a big story until roughly today. (Feb 23,2020 through June 6th, 2020 – Weeks 8 through 22).

From 2015-2019, the average number of deaths per year in this time period for people aged 0 to 65 was 1,769.

This year, 1,857 people in this age range have died of any and all causes, including COVID-19, over said 15 weeks.

So there have been an “extra” 88 deaths in Sweden this year (among people 64 and younger). 

Now this is 88 deaths in a country of 10.23 million. This is 88 extra deaths that happened over a 15-week period, which averages out to fewer than one extra death per day.

Including all deaths (age 0 to those over 100), There were 4,105 more deaths this year in Sweden than the average annual number from 2015-2019.

As mentioned, a mere 88 of these deaths happened to people under the age of 65.

The other 4,017 happened to those older than the age of 64. 

That is, 98 percent of the “extra deaths” in Sweden this year happened among people over the age of 65 (a big chunk was over the age of 80). 

Anyway, the greatest pandemic of our time caused 88 extra deaths in Sweden among the age class that is under the age of retirement.

The Spanish Flu this has not been.


This link will get you to 8 different mortality tables for Sweden that compare years 2015-2019 to 2020.

[ Ken adds: Most all of the data and/or reports that I’ve been able to read have indicated that the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths have been the very elderly. ]

This is not to say that the disease has not affected younger. But it does seem pretty clear that the overwhelming vast majority of those who are young, middle aged, and up to ~60ish are not dying from Covid-19. That has been very good news in that particular regard.

Mainstream Covid-19 Fears

I post this today because I notice that the mainstream media has begun to pound the notion recently that we’re in for a 2nd-wave. Given their track record and motivations, I suspect they may be drumming up scare tactics (and I think most of us know why).

They’re leveraging that more people are testing positive (for what, exactly?). Logically, because so many more are being tested, more will test positive. Again, exactly for what? Antibodies? They never mention if any of those positives are actually “sick”.

But it’s the elderly who are dying from Covid-19

Anyway, it is the elderly who need to be protected. And it’s the elderly who need to protect themselves. It is the elderly who should especially refrain from non-essential public outings. The elderly at the nursing home/facilities should be proactively protected. It is they who are vastly more vulnerable. The emphasis should be put upon them, more so (in my opinion) than shutting down main street, so to speak (now that we know more of the comparative data).

Covid-19 is real. It is more contagious than the common influenza. It is more deadly for older people than influenza. However for the vast majority of others, it appears to be hardly more deadly than influenza would be.

Original projections were nightmarish.

I posted numerous articles to get prepared for the potential massive fallout. The predictions were horrifying. I went full-time covering the unfolding situation back then.

Thankfully, deaths were not as severe as those projections (though still very bad for the elderly). Preparations were not in waste. There were lots of shortages to follow, so those who supplied themselves early were better off. Then the lock-down. More shortages.

Now we’re easing out of it. Businesses (those that are still around) are opening to the extent that state governments permit. People have come out of “lockdown” to the extent that their state governments allow…

Renewed Fear

However I am sensing a renewed push to instill fear. So watch out. Some of these state governors might be thinking about something…

So I thought it timely to point out the information above, regarding Sweden – which reveals where the focus should really be. It sure would be interesting to find out this type of statistic for the US. Why are we not hearing about any of this type of comparative data?

Why is the fear pressure being applied disproportionately to “main street” while seemingly no PSA’s (public service announcements) or mainstream media emphasis/warnings towards the most vulnerable – the very elderly?

I want to see a comparison similar to the Sweden data above, except for the US.

But I have a feeling they don’t want us to know.

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  1. Ken, talking this week with one of our sons who is a first responder, the real problem is the testing. Too many false POSITIVES. This is a huge problem in my book. So the virus looks worse than it really is. AND…I do agree it is deadly for our senior citizens and the many who are compromised in some way. Not saying that. But c’mon, they can make more accurate testing. Veterinary medicine has a better record than this! So. Bottom line – it appears there is MORE people positive, but is it really true? Or false positives? And…as always…”follow the money.” Says it all.

    1. When Italy was in the headlines due to the outbreak there, a similar study was put out there. They broke it down into several age groups. The age group most affected were those over 64 or 65 or something like that. Most of the younger age groups were not nearly as hard hit. This was put out there a month or two ago. This was around the time the virus was first starting to hit Spain.
      So there are other studies out there. But why it is not talked about more? Well, we all know the answer to that.
      Their ideological goal wasn’t to stop the virus, it was to control the masses. Even if we had this info at the very beginning, the leftist/socialist media and politicians still would have pursued the course they did. And if a second wave hits they will push again for the lockdowns. Maybe with a little different flavor to make it sound like they really care about our health and safety…

  2. It’s not about saving lives, preventing the spread of Covid-19 or public safety. It’s all about reducing the number of voters that physically show up at the polls in November. The democrats want mail in ballots because they can easily be manipulated, forged and tampered with and they can count on the MSM to flood the local and national news with horrifying but carefully manipulated statistics.

    A large part of elders vote conservative and if they are terrified to go to the polls for fear of dying this plays right into the hands of the democrats. It is all part of the Marxist/Communists agenda where the end justifies the means.

    1. “It’s not about saving lives, preventing the spread of Covid-19 or public safety. It’s all about reducing the number of voters that physically show up at the polls in November. The democrats want mail in ballots because they can easily be manipulated, forged and tampered with and they can count on the MSM to flood the local and national news with horrifying but carefully manipulated statistics.”

      Can we all say, “BINGO!”

      1. The is an amazing study in group think among the right and prepper circles. You are all unfortunately in for a really awful surprise because you are unable to face reality. Amazing.

        1. Leroy,,,
          Do tell oh enlightened one, please by all means fill us in on your position rather than leaving an insult ,,,,

        2. Why dat Leroy? You ‘n yer boy Rufus fittin’ ta tear shizz up?

          Some of us have been waiting half a century to properly, and permanently correct this societal rot.

          Really awful surprise indeed; you low intellect, uppity, big-word spewing zero.

    2. As a voter in my 60s, I say “give me liberty, or give me death!” The outcome of the elections in November is important enough to me and DH that we insist upon voting in person.

      1. Chipmunk:

        My voting day t-shirt came from Tommy Robinson. Says: “INFIDEL” in large English; and Arabic script.

  3. I also notice that the reporting lately is ‘people testing positive for Covid-19’. What they don’t tell you, is that a number of those test results are false positives. Also not mentioned, are the number of cases simply recovering at home with little difficulty.

    It’s much scarier just to broadcast that big ‘testing positive’ number.

    1. Or you don’t see some cases where they tell you the number of sick people among the positives. They will just say such and such numbers have tested positive without such and such sick among those positives.

  4. I agree the numbers have been skewed and falsely represented. If I test positive, then on the way home from that test crash my car into a tree and die, well that was a Covid related death wasn’t it? Covid all the way! The tree and the car had nothing to do with it, it was Covid-19 (sarcasm). Counting people in hospice as covid deaths seems wrong. I agree covid is real, protecting nursing homes and the elderly is a good idea, but shutting down the economy and giving out money for free was such a bad idea. I read an article about opening up the economy not by “job risk level” but by “age risk level”. That was a novel idea.

    1. How many deaths in Sweden in the age group of itch-in-the-pants to 64 are traffic related vs the elderly?

      It’s like tracking deaths in amusement parks. Of course they’re down, they’re closed.

      Mortality changes when the operating environment changes. Hard to get hit by a bus while playing PUBG in your Mom’s basement for 3 months.

      We already knew that those with other pre-existing conditions were more likely to die of it. Most health issues are cumulative so it’s the young that have the least. It’s also the young that survive pretty much everything better than the old.

      Influenza kills who again? The 25 year old working as a Barista doing lines of coke that would make Charlie Sheen proud between McDonald’s binges? No, it’s the 65 year old with emphezema that pops their pills from a Pez dispenser whose cankles can’t get them off their Rascal mobility scooter.

      You know why nursing homes exist? It’s so people can carry on their miserable lives longer with the assistance of others. Of course people are going to die at Sunset Acres. That’s what they do there. I don’t think you need to tell old people that they should worry about COVIDness specifically. If they haven’t figured it out by now it doesn’t matter. It’s been in every type of media 24×7 for 3 months. What else are they doing that they don’t know by now?

  5. My daughter, a nurse, had Corona. Her symptoms were a very sore throat that last about 6 days. She took supplements for it. No cough or fever. (age 44)

    You’re right on, Ken, and everyone else. Throw in the Stock Market falling and bingo. Every time the market isn’t doing well, it’s because of the virus. It’s all so manipulated including the tests and numbers,and the market). I’m not buying into the fear, mostly coming from the democrats and MSM.

    I live in a red state so we mostly ignore it here.

  6. Think of what comes with fueling the COVID narrative:

    – More mail-in ballots, potential for election fraud (As previously discussed)

    – Excuse to disrupt Trump rallies, scare people into not attending

    – Hurt re-election by keeping economy down, unemployment up

    – Media makes money on peddling fear

    – Big pharma gets big research grants, knowing you can’t cure coronavirus

    – Excuse to move more toward cash-less transactions

    – Big tech scores big – more money, more control

    – Big businesses reduce competition by eliminating more small businesses, retailers

    – Dems vying for higher offices get lots of media face time as they try to appear wise, in control and ready for bigger role in government

    I could go on, but the winners are Dems, big companies in many industries, the media and those who want more government controls.

    The losers are most individuals, many small businesses and the truth. There are trillions of dollars and extraordinary control/power at stake. We regular folks don’t stand a chance.

    1. Yes, YES!

      Here’s what I fear (concerned)… Since all of the bullet points you mentioned are accurate, well, what are they going to unleash next in this arena? Just when you thought “Covid” was over, here comes the next… ???

      1. Ken,
        They will try to do everything, It is all or nothing for these idgits. There will be multiple attacks of all kinds of evil. That is why we must stay alert and set for our own defense.
        They will stop at nothing because if they loose they are no more.There is nothing too low for them to stoop to for they are already lower than a snakes belly…no offense intended to the rat and chicken snakes out there who eat our rats and mice.( just stay outta my chicken house.

        1. Just Sayin’

          A few weeks ago, I was hoping beyond hope that this was just a scare tactic. In moments of normalcy bias, my mind tries to go there. Nope, it’s definitely ‘all in’. Like you said, if they lose, they lose everything. So do we.

    2. Yes,,
      Here in China when the Wuflu was at it height, many businesses would not take cash. You could only pay for things with your phone. Their reason was because the virus might be on the money. Even the local McDonalds was pay by phone only for a while when they were open that is.

  7. The Tri-state area today announced that anyone coming from a number of ‘hot spot’ states would be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Since all of this seems to serve an agenda of control, both of the people and of the election results, what’s coming next could be lots of restriction of movement between states. That would also make contact tracing and forced vaccination easier.

    1. Interesting how all these folks from the Tri-state area escaped for vacations to states like North Carolina. Now the numbers of “infections” have increased in North Carolina. So, don’t come back home, after you’ve infected other states? Wish, North Carolina had kept ya’ll out!

      1. They’re all flocking to my state to vacation as well. Plus hitting the waterholes to play and cool off. They all think that isolating themselves doesn’t apply to them plus they really don’t care if they bring it here. They justify it by saying that tourism is a big part of our economy so “quit your bitchin”. Our state government is afraid to take any substantive action either other than stupid road signs!

    2. So, they are going to single out specific areas? How about if red states ban visitors from blue states, so their leftist ideals don’t “infect” otherwise healthy people with critical thinking skills. I am honestly getting so damn sick of this crap, are the masses really this blind?

      1. Could leftism/socialism/communism be considered a pandemic? It has resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths over the last century. The ideology is infectious with a resulting high death rate. To bad there isn’t a vaccine for that bug.

        1. INP,
          The “vaccine” for said disease is called a BULLET.
          I was listening and remembering the words to several songs today…..Johnny Horton sang several songs re: our historical past… From “The Battle of New Orleans “, to the tribute to the bravery of the rebel soldier (“marched into battle with the grey and the red,you fought all the way Johnny Reb”) in the war of northern aggression, “Johnny Reb”,…. to the tribute “Comanche, the Brave Horse” a the symbol of bravery of the Battle of Little Big horn- to the tribute to the British efforts to Sink the Bismark

          1. Just Sayin’ –

            “In 1814 we took a little trip…” I loved that song when I was a kid!

  8. COVID-19 Typical product that is MADE in CHINA…. At first it looks like a good bio Weapon then after using it for a while it just falls apart and stops working.

    YUP gotta say we all got KUNG-FLUED!😥Too Bad thought it would completely wipe out all the Urban Cesspool around the Country.

    Instead we got a cover-up excuse for the Wall Street Bubble collapse… The FED QE Ponzi scheme… That is the REAL issue at Heart. Now we be really screwed! Audit the FED and shut the beeatch down .gov!

    1. WC:

      “COVID-19 Typical product that is MADE in CHINA….”

      Low quality copy of a virus, didn’t last very long huh?

  9. Ken

    A variety of reports giving the data you’re looking for exist. Simplest one might be the graph at the top of this page:

    Much more complex report can be found here:

    Some of this discussion was covered in comments to your article:

    Here is the current CDC report on Covid-19 statistics.

    Data is collected at the state level and submitted. There is a lag that varies by locality based on timing of submitting the baseline data. But this is as good as it gets.

    Risk of hospitalization and death remains greatest for the elderly (65 and older) non-whites with underlying respiratory or cardiac comorbidities.

    As to the continuing assumption that data is being falsified to get a little extra money, please, folks, have a little more faith in your countrymen and women. The CARES Act provides an extra 20% in Medicare payments for Covid-19 patients. That’s not much when you factor in the extra supplies, processes, and staff hours required to address Covid-19 patients.

    1. Yes, and that extra 20% doesn’t cover the overhead by merely taking space that could have had a lucrative elective patient. Or even one of those Olive Garden endless breadstick people in for a quintuple bypass.

      Hospitals make money when you don’t stay and lose a lot of money if you come back.

      I do find it amusing when people forget that pre-Medicare healthcare is largely a gringo privilege.

    2. Anony Mee,

      What I’m looking for is something like the following:

      # of all deaths by any cause in the US during 2019 from Jan – May
      # of all deaths by any cause in the US during 2020 from Jan – May

      Compare the data as was done with the data from Sweden.

      This will help to weed out deaths which were not necessarily caused by Covid, but attributed to Covid for “the count”.

      I believe most everyone knows (or maybe not??) that Covid has been the most deadly (by far) for those who are very elderly (especially those with underlying conditions). Not so much for the young.

      The reason I get triggered by some of this mainstream reporting is they do not get into that. Rather, they fear-monger and do not differentiate the relatively young from the very old as it relates to Covid death danger.

      Additionally, as I said earlier, facilities are (at least, they were) getting BIG BUCKS from the federal government for Covid patients. Not just your 20% of Medicare payments as you suggested.

      1. Heres another thought,
        Do yall really think that most of the medical community would be honest with any of us regarding COVID data?
        Most states medical industry were in trouble because of obamacare, most are getting $ from the feds, most are already trying to hide numbers from mal practice, generally caused by understaffing and ineptitude.
        I know some of you are in the “medical industry” no offense meant to you, but call a spade a spade, this sector has beenin trouble for a decade or more in most places.
        I am highly skeptical of anything out of the medical profession these days

        1. You want to talk about skeptical? See how many medical personnel react here in China when a westerner shows up.many of them see nothing but dollar signs $$$$$$$$. They with help you fix a problem you have but they want to make a boat load of money off you in the process. I have had some wanting to charge me thousands of dollars for complicated surgeries and skin grafts when at the end of the day it would only cost a few hundred dollars using medicines and the bodies own healing powers. There are some good medical professionals out there. I have encountered some but many see me as their next house payment or Mercedes payment. I had one doctor here in Chicom central look at a problem I had and within 30 seconds say, it will cost this much. It was tens of thousands of dollars. I said no effing way. We searched and searched and found a doctor ar the same medical facility that called BS on all that. The end result was a few hundred dollars.

      2. Hi Ken

        As you pointed out in your article, we’re not Sweden. We are much more complex and thus data takes time to gather. And the recent publicly available data is generally in a form used by researchers. I could pull it together but don’t have internet at the farm, just my phone. Can’t run complicated spreadsheets on that. And the library is still closed.

        And calculating COVID-19 deaths as simply excess death numbers gives a false result. Our population is down this year by millions of foreign travelers, students, and workers. Have no idea what the year over year increase is. I would postulate that deaths from traffic, work-related, and medical accidents are way down and that deaths from a variety of diseases are up due to limited access to health care as beds were reserved for COVID patients. Deaths from crime, suicide, drug use may be up if news reports are accurate. Deaths from recreational activities, except cruise ship vacations, may be down. All that needs to be calculated and weighed.

        Looking at cause of death means looking at a specific moment in time. It’s been said that everyone dies of heart failure, but that’s not always the cause in that moment. There are CDC guidelines on reporting probable cause of death, but almost all localities rely on a doctor’s diagnosis of illness, or a police report of incident. Autopsies and postmortem testing are expensive. And mayors or governors getting involved in what the coroner does, well, politicians.

        But getting back to cause of death. Someone with COPD may expect to die of it months or years from now. But if they contract a severe case of COVID-19 and die a week later, the cause for that death on that day was COVID, not the underlying condition.

        All that being said, I pulled total deaths data for four weeks ending in April 2019 and 2020 for three states.

        Alabama (because it’s first) had 403 or 9.9% more deaths (4071 – 4474) with 259 reported COVID deaths for the month.

        New Hampshire had 83 or 8.78% more (945 – 1028) with 68 reported COVID deaths for the month.

        Washington had 522 or 11.56% more (4515 – 5037) with 619 reported COVID deaths for the month.

        It also appears that CDC is now reporting consolidated PIC (pneumonia, influenza, covid) deaths in some of its larger data sets.

        Sorry but no, facilities were not getting a lot of extra money. What was being reported were total amounts, not just the 20% bump, but the news reports made it sound like the total was the bump. Again, as you say, sensationalized.

    3. AnonyMee, we personally know of three local families who lost someone to brain cancer (diagnosed in December), heart attack ( sudden and no illness prior) and aneurism (heart, also was supposed to have surgery for it but it was cancelled). All were in different hospitals and all were listed as Covid for their cause of death. The family of the mother that had the heart attack at home demanded they change the death certificate because they were angry, but the doctor refused. I do not know why, but I know the family is really angry over what occurred. So, yes, I do not believe the statistics being provided about this pandemic simply because of what we are personally seeing happen to our friends. And to add insult to injury – the families could not spend time with their dying family members in the hospital – because of Covid. And then the funeral was another ordeal because it couldn’t be a normal funeral.

      Another one of our dear friends and neighbor for thirty years who was residing in a nursing home passed away without her family being able to come in to hold her or talk to her. She did not understand why they would not come visit her because she was becoming senile shortly before her death. I did not ask if her death was listed as Covid because I felt it was an intrusive question. But the family was told she could only have 10 people attend her funeral. At least she was able to have a funeral. We were told by our priest that local law enforcement was at the grave site to make certain everyone was socially distancing. That is just wrong!

      So, I do not believe the reported numbers of Covid deaths in NY. And there are many other people, both in the medical field and just regular folks like me, that also do not believe the numbers. And if you double check, you will find that Cuomo is also playing games with the real number of Covid deaths that did happen in nursing homes (because he put Covid patients in the nursing homes and they infected other residents in those homes.

      1. DAMedinNY

        I concur that Cuomo has poisoned the state. Almost nothing he says can be trusted. “We need ventilators” and the fed responds and gets industry involved. But the state had plenty in stockpile. Was he saving them for a rainy day, or for his family and friends?
        “We need more hospital space.” So the fed responds and sends a hospital ship that sits unused.
        He orders nursing homes to take in infected people over their reasonable objections that they can’t prevent transmission. Then has the gall to lay the blame for thousands of unnecessary deaths on others. Tolerating unmasked protestors and looters, but not people peacefully going about their business. That he’s behind falsifying death records would not surprise me.

        Seems he’s got a vendetta against the President and is taking it out on the American people, including the folks in his own state.

        Your friends might think about reporting this as Medicare fraud by calling 1-800-633-4237.

        1. Actually, reporting it as fraud might be a good idea…I will mention that. I was amazed the doctor was able to list something as Covid if the patient was not even tested as one family insisted. Any other time, that doctor would face charges for falsifying the document.

  10. Anony Mee-

    This is fascinating:
    “Risk of hospitalization and death remains greatest for the elderly (65 and older) non-whites with underlying respiratory or cardiac comorbidities.”

    So the virus is racist too? -OR- Did the study neglect to account for those on welfare who will never see a hospital bill; versus those with private insurance and huge deductibles and co-pays?

    I believe there may be a direct correlation.

    1. We were told here by the people the state sends to test our staff that it is believed the Hispanic, Asian and Black numbers are higher because they live with family and extended family close together in one housing unit. So larger number of people in small space sharing everything.

  11. Trying to take medical statistical data (Covid or other wise) that relates to Sweden and applying these statistical results to another country and then try to draw some conclusion shows a gross lack of understanding.

    Yes, Covid has killed a lot of people but let’s compare it to the henipa (Nipah) virus family which China is weaponizing. Covid is by comparison not much more than a case of the flu. The Henipah virus kills 70-100% of infected people of all ages. If someone will look up and write about this virus and what China is doing then we will have something to really fear! Good night everyone.

    1. T-Boy,
      Regarding your statement of “a gross lack of understanding”, did you read where I said, “I want to see a comparison similar to the Sweden data above, except for the US.”?

      I simply found the data from Sweden of interest, and would be extremely curious to see a similar comparison of dates here in the US (before and after the event).

  12. tmcgyver

    That’s the facts Jack!

    Interpretation, extrapolation, and determination of causation will take far more data and time than is immediately available.

    Sent from my iPhone

    “Why is the fear pressure being applied disproportionately to “main street” . . . ”

    Probably for the same reason my sixth grade teacher kept all of us in from recess when it was just a couple of kids in the back misbehaving – pure laziness.

  13. I no longer know what to think about this or whom to believe. I can only believe that we are being lied to and misled by every part of our government.

    In my own state the average age of those who died was about 80 and maybe half or more were in nursing homes or similar facilities. It’s not that I don’t care about these deaths but if this takes out someone who’s 95, has dementia and is spoon-fed, it’s not as if they weren’t going to die sometime soon, virus or no virus. The serious health impacts in some younger people or children is of concern. However the annual flu has also killed younger people and children too.

    I suspect we have destroyed our economy for this. I also suspect that we are all going to have to get this virus at some point or other unless we isolate ourselves in our homes alone forever. I seriously doubt there will be an effective and safe vaccine anytime soon.

    My income is dropping all the time now. I’m self-employed and customers are ending my services or cutting back sharply as their businesses are closing or they’ve used up their stimulus check. So many businesses and venues are not going to make it. So many people are now out of work and will remain so only they won’t have any benefits.

    I think that if you are high risk(elderly and/or with health issues) that you need to take the steps to protect yourself but you can’t expect the world to stop for you. I wear a mask inside stores- it’s mostly required here and I do it anyway to be respectful to the workers and other customers. I’m sick of reading all of the online comments though from older people in my state flipping out as runners or bikers aren’t wearing masks or people are having yard sales. Have you ever tried running or biking wearing a mask? And no one is forcing you to go to yard sales. Wearing a mask all day at work is miserable too. I was wearing one on some of my jobs but my work is outdoors and highly physical. I stopped as the combination of a mask, a heatwave and heavy labor was a nightmare. If my customers don’t like it they can stay far away from me or hire someone else.

  14. Just a thought Ken, have you thought about an informal survey asking everyone here if they experienced a Covid-19 illness or death in the family? I’m curious what the numbers are for the group.

  15. The top article at ZH this morning is case in point for untrustworthy reporting of Covid-19. Sensational headline ‘US Sees Record 45k Jump…” . Picture of completely covered (dead?) body being wheeled on some type of cart accompanying the story looks like it’s actually from another country.

    Scary looking charts for number of confirmed cases. No chart for deaths…hmmmm. No chart for ICU admissions A vague statement that the average age of hospitalizations is dropping, but I don’t even trust that number is for Covid-19 by the way it’s worded. Probably more young people getting hospitalized because they got wounded at a protest!

    The conclusion I draw from the ‘reporting’, is that we should expect to see lock downs coming again soon, and police stopping vehicles with out of state license plates to make sure they’re being Covid-19 compliant.

  16. The numbers that I see posted have said “confirmed and presumed”. Given that there is apparently about a 30% false positive and ‘presumed’ means absolutely nothing then the stats are pretty much just made up cr*p.

  17. A wide ranging euthanasia experiment?
    We all know how much the younger generations think of their elders,

  18. What better way to exert more control than to have 80% of people tested be asymptomatic positive. Gee- no symptoms, just take our word for it that you’ve got something really terrible.

    1. And which country was it that tested animals and like a kiwi fruit (?) and they came back Covid positive? Those people laughed and laughed at us all.

      1. DJ5280

        That was attributed to the president of Tanzania. He claimed the labs were reporting out many positive test results in order to sabotage him in the upcoming election so he had fake samples sent to the labs.

        No proof of this exists and those critical of him tend to find themselves out of a job if they’re a public figure (head of the country’s reference lab, for example) or just plain locked up if they’re not.

        You really believe he sent secret samples to a lab? And if he did, that a lab tech can’t tell the difference between a human sample and one from a papaya? And that if they can’t, a test designed to confirm the presence of coronavirus RNA will find its unique genetic sequence in a papaya?

        He publicly stated that the virus can’t be caught at church. Just a couple weeks ago he said his country had eradicated coronavirus. This was in the face of 50 Tanzanian truck drivers crossing into Kenya, being tested, and found to have the virus. Reports, including from the US Embassy there, are that hospitals are overwhelmed and risk of contracting the virus is high.

  19. I am hearing more and more that the the COVID-19 tests available today are actually throwing up false positives BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT “NOVEL-SPECIFIC”

    — meaning they’re actually picking up ANY corona-type virus (and there are many such as the common cold) the patient has had in his/her life. I’ve also read that if you’ve taken the Flu Vaccine in ’17 or ’18, it’s likely you’ll test positive for the COVID-19.

    Now think about it…how many of us have ever had the common cold? If you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s (and so on), the likelihood of you testing positive is pretty dang good IF it’s picking up ANY corona-type virus. And if that’s what’s happening…all I can say is what a scam and they are BRILLIANT!

    My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars since early February preparing/dealing with this crap. Two new freezers (upright/chest) because OMG! Food Supply!…a high quality spinning bike to keep moving…new household medical-grade Hepa air cleaner and humidifier…more solar ‘cuz OMG! The Grid!…Chicken CSA, 1/8 Cow + so. much. more. and now we’re looking to buy a high quality treadmill — ‘cuz OMG! LOTS OF DROPLETS IN THE AIR AT THE SMALL GYM WE GO TO! We’ve spent such unbelievable amount of money (cash) and I’m beginning to think they’re laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.

    I’m exhausted. My wife’s exhausted. The grocery shopping alone — all online — has been draining. It’s just such a gigantic scam I sometimes think my head’s going to pop off from just trying to make sense of something so nonsensical. The mental drain is real, friends.

    1. ETA: I’m very thankful we have the resources to do so (above), and I realize no one MADE us make those purchases. But gosh dang…fear is a darn good motivator! Because my wife has asthma, we have to take some extra precautions, and without exercising, I’m not sure how anyone stays healthy or remotely fit. Sorry for the whine, people. Sometimes you just have to let the steam out of the pressure cooker!

    2. MSG12B

      I hear that! At least the preps aren’t wasted – you’ll definitely use them. The food supply issues are real, the grid thing is definitely a risk, and with all the civil unrest afoot you might just want to exercise at home anyway…

      Humor helps sometimes. If you can stand his language, George Carlin has a great bit on ‘germs’. The language is pretty rough, though, but hey, maybe it would be cathartic?

      1. Farmgirl,

        Already hit up Carlin the other night! I can handle the language (would rather not, though); it’s when he starts talking about Jesus/Heaven that I’m reminded why I can’t take him for very long. His right to say such things. My right not to listen!

        And I agree with you…none of the items we’ve purchased will go to waste. But man, oh man. The other thing that’s been tough (excruciating really) is not being with our parents. We’ve gone to their homes and hung out in their front yards separated, no hugs or kisses…and it’s been hard. Because it’s so wrong. It’s so cruel. And you’re left asking yourself if you’re the one who is crazy. I can’t think of anything worth NOT hugging my parents over. But then the little voice of fear says, “But you could GIVE them Covid!” I love them too much to harm them in anyway, but sometimes I feel like the no contact thing is harming ALL of us. You have to agree that whoever thought up this thing has to be maniacal. Oh well, we’re all safe and healthy (for now).

  20. I’m sitting this out in ‘burbs of Boston where the weekly charts from show the death rates as follows to date:

    80+. 4967
    70-79. 1754
    60-69. 831
    50-59. 285
    40-49. 80
    30-39. 32
    20-29. 15
    0-19. 0

    Then the charts with death counts for underlying conditions
    With underlying conditions. 3813
    Without underlying conditions. 67

    Your state mileage may vary.

    When I look at these numbers I see that a majority of deaths occurred when someone had another underlying condition. By age that appears to be older persons. Reports indicate that a majority of these folks were living in skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes).

    With only 67 people dying without underlying condition, then this virus has no respect for age but seeks out every opportunity of a body with weakened health.

    Just keep washing hands, drop your shoes at the door, keep “indoor” and “outdoor” clothes, and disinfect surfaces as you go.

  21. Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Minn., (a physician in Minnesota), said, “How can anyone not believe that increasing the number of COVID-19 deaths may create an avenue for states to receive a larger portion of federal dollars.”

    Jensen said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.

    Provision in the relief act: The coronavirus relief legislation created a 20% premium, or add-on, for COVID-19 Medicare patients.

    Snopes investigated the claim, finding it’s plausible Medicare pays in the range Jensen mentions but doesn’t have a “one-size-fits-all” payment to hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

    1. Ken

      Precisely. Let me quote from the Kaiser Family Foundation which may have been his source as well

      “To project how much hospitals would get paid by the federal government for treating uninsured patients, we look at payments for admissions for similar conditions. For less severe hospitalizations, we use the average Medicare payment for respiratory infections and inflammations with major comorbidities or complications in 2017, which was $13,297. For more severe hospitalizations, we use the average Medicare payment for a respiratory system diagnosis with ventilator support for greater than 96 hours, which was $40,218. Each of these average payments was then increased by 20% to account for the add-on to Medicare inpatient reimbursement for patients with COVID-19 that was included in the CARES Act.1

      “Before accounting for the 20% add on, Medicare payments are about half of what private insurers pay on average for the same diagnoses.”

      This is for Medicare patients.
      Hospitalization for respiratory illness resulted in an average Medicare payment of $13,297, in 2017 – 3 years ago.

    2. Ken, Anony Mee,

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems I recall that, at the beginning of all this, part of the original spending bill promised that any UNINSURED patient treated by a healthcare provider for covid-19, the healthcare provider would be reimbursed by the government.

      Seems that guarantee would entice both the patient (with private insurance and high deductibles) and the healthcare provider to claim uninsured status.

  22. WSJ posted an article last weekend about how in Mexico there is a higher number of fatalities due to covid 19 among young people because of a higher % of young people with comorbidities ( specifically: diabetes, obesity and respiratory problems.)

    I continue going to work amidst the lockdowns thankful I still have a job. I have worked through many bad flu seasons. I have never seen a government manufactured shutdown using the flu or pandemic as the excuse.

    The recession started a month or several weeks prior to the first states in America began to lock down when the price of oil tanked at the end of winter/start of spring this year. The horror stories out of Wuhan simply added fuel to the fire.

    As the world begins to crawl out of our homes and abodes, there will be much data to review. One can look at the data from first world industrialized nations like the US and Sweden. We can also look to Italy which had an older population that is more likely to smoke. I just brought up the nation of Mexico ( see Wall Street journal ). The world will look to Brazil as a nation that took no measures to try to control the spread within their nation. ( their President will be either a hero or a goat by the historians )

    This being a prepping website, I want to take this time to remind readers here that eating right, getting some exercise each day, retaining your mobility, getting enough sleep and trying to stay out of the high risk group with multiple comorbidities is, in of itself, a preparation for when s does hit the fan. Stay healthy both mentally and physically out there. The whole goal is to stay OUTSIDE of the hospital.

  23. They are also not telling us that–
    98+ recover
    That less than 10% of cases need hospitalization and few need intensive care
    That test results may take weeks to get back

  24. – Realizing that statistically it means nothing, the one death in my county was a 35-year-old friend of my son’s. Healthy, happy City worker with a wife and two daughters.
    – Papa S.

  25. Somebody mentioned this to me today that the CARES ACT HR748 was actually introduced back in January 24th 2019, after checking it out they were correct. Check for yourself.

    Why would they introduce Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act a year before the virus hit??


    1. 11HE9

      Did you read text of HR 748 or look at its timeline? This tiny little bill – a minor change to a 1986 excise tax – had spent more than a year going through all the various procedures needed to get made into law. It was just waiting it’s turn.

      Rather than initiate that cumbersome process by introducing the CARES Act as a new bill, it was simply appended to the nearly complete bill as an amendment. Saved an enormous amount of time. In my experience, this is how most emergency legislations are managed.

  26. They’re also not telling us that the spike in southern border states can be partially attributed to the devastated Mexican healthcare system. Poor Mexico has been overwhelmed so sick people are coming here to find help.

    But that doesn’t fit the MSM narrative.

  27. I have mentioned that I worked during a really bad flu event decades ago within a Nursing Home as a CNA. Here are some observations of those that passed away during that time:

    #1 People were not mobile. These people were debilitated to the point where they needed help to reposition themselves in bed and they were not able to make it to the bathroom to relieve themselves.

    #2 They did not have the ability to cough or sneeze. For a variety of reasons like dementia, stroke or lacked the strength to clear phlegm from their upper airways.

    #3 Those that could no longer get up and walk safely: The simple act of getting up and moving does a lot to aid in breathing and promoting circulation. ( walky-talky folks lived longer)

    #4 Those whose personal hygiene was sorely lacking; usually related to dementia. using tissues to cough or sneeze into, washing of hands after using toilet and before eating. People also got sick within a facility due to ingestion of: bad/old food or other things-not-intended-to-be-food.

    #5 Multiple pre-existing conditions: examples include: poorly controlled diabetes or patients that are grossly non compliant with dietary guidelines. Tobacco smokers in conjunction with COPD. ( ever see an old person in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette while wearing a nasal cannula? Work in a Nursing Home and you will ). Chronic liver disease-survivors. the list goes on…I will stop here.

    I view the Nursing Homes as petri dishes of immune compromised individuals that are gathered together in one location. The staff that work there are not paid a lot, may be under-motivated and, if they have been there too long, most certainly experiencing a degree of career burn-out.

    Once a virulent strain of virus or bacteria breaches the facility, it tends to burn through the facility like wildfire. The staff that show up will become infected eventually. ( as I was back in-the-day ). and we continued to show up for work and provide care because there was nobody else that would do the job. ( working short became the norm for months at a time ).

    I was one of few CNA’s that had classes Microbiology, Chemistry and a college degree and I was given a ration of criticism for using gloves too much during these times of epidemic. It got to the point where I brought in my own gloves to supplement the meager supply at work. I shared some with my fellow coworkers ( regular staff that we all worked together ).

    For those that seek to get into the healthcare field as a career, I would encourage doing at least 2 years as a CNA as an apprenticeship because you need to see the world you are about to enter into. Many who went through CNA training quit and changed their major to business of something else in short order.

    For the rest of us out there: Eat right, exercise, wash your hands and groom yourself each day and you will most likely live longer. I am no longer a distance runner or exercise fanatic. I have learned how important it is to just keep moving. Things go bad fast when you stop moving.

  28. Apparently, the fear-mongering around a spike in Covid-19 numbers overwhelming hospitals in Texas is unwarranted propaganda. A couple of quotes:

    From CEO of Houston Methodist,

    Boom reiterated his comments from last week that the number of hospitalizations are “being misinterpreted, and, quite frankly, we’re concerned that there is a level of alarm in the community that is unwarranted right now.”

    “We do have the capacity to care for many more patients, and have lots of fluidity and ability to manage,” Boom said.

    He pointed out that his hospital one year ago was at 95% ICU capacity, similar to the numbers the hospital is seeing today.

    “It is completely normal for us to have ICU capacities that run in the 80s and 90s,” he said.

    “That’s how all hospitals operate.”

    From CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital,

    “There is not a scenario, in my opinion, where the demand for our beds … would eclipse our capability,” he continued.

    “I cannot imagine that. I just cannot.”

    2/ “The capacity that’s being reported is base capacity … we have the ability to go far higher than that in terms of the ICU beds….We are seeing younger patients, we are seeing a shorter length of stay, we are seeing lower immortality, and we are seeing lower ICU utilization.”

    Just in case any of you living in Texas were concerned. Looks like another case of crying ‘Wolf’!

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