A Short List Of Preparedness Supplies To Get Your Noggin Thinking…


Preparedness Lists are always fun… And are never wrong or are ever complete.

With that said however, here’s yet another short list of preparedness supply concerns to consider (other than food & water) for a time you hope never to experience.

Maybe one of these will get your ‘noggin’ to thinking about it…

Note: The premise is beyond ‘just’ short term SHTF. Lets say it’s in-between that and TEOTWAWKI.

Heavy Duty (Sturdy) Clothing: Think of the following two words: “Heavy Duty” (for everything). Pants, shirts, socks, shoes, work-boots, underwear, hats, work gloves, coats, rain-gear. During a time in which you’ve had to implement your preparedness plans, chances are high that you will be working lots more with your hands and physical body. This will stress the clothes that you wear. And today’s typical ‘cheap’ clothes will wear right out.

Sewing & Patching: Items to repair your existing clothing. Items to make new clothing. Extra fabric, sewing needles, thread, zippers, patching materials, patterns. As mentioned previously, your clothes will be put to the test. If there is no retail store to get new clothes, you’ll have to mend and/or make your own…

Canning Supplies: Jars, lids, bands, canning salt, pectin, pressure canner, spare parts, utensils. And know how to do it! During a time period of SHTF or EOTWAWKI, vegetable gardens will be absolutely necessary. Additionally, the means to preserve the garden bounty will be equally necessary…

First Aid: Kit and first aid supplies. Antibiotics, ointments, medications. There will be more injury when more people are working with their hands and body. Safety will be of utmost importance, however injuries will happen. Supply yourself and learn what you can about the application of First Aid.

Eye & Vision Care: Extra glasses! Contacts. Related supplies. I cannot over-emphasize the value of having extra eye glasses. If you cannot see, then you are greatly hindered during a time of collapse.

Sanitary Hygiene Products: TP! (you can never have enough). Feminine products. Need I say more?

Alternative Cooking: Camping Stove and fuel. Assume worst case scenario – electricity is out. Survival Cooking. You must have backup means to cook, boil water, etc..

Alternative Lighting: Candles. (Hurricane) Lantern & Fuel. Flashlight & Batteries.

Alternative Heat: Firewood. Wood Stove. Mr. Heater Buddy & Fuel. If you live in a cold climate, and if you have lost electricity, you will be in deep do-do (or worse) if you fail to acquire an alternative means to heat.

Sleeping Bag & Warm Blankets: Cold Weather sleeping. The Warmest Survival Blanket? Preserve your fuel at night while lowering the temp and staying cozy warm in a cold weather sleeping bag or good warm winter blankets.

Entertainment: Games for you and/or the kids. Books to read. Everyone needs a break. When the iPads, Playstations, and X-boxes don’t work – you’ll have to resort to good old fashioned games and alternatives ;)

Security & Firearms: Yes, during such a time as hypothesized for this list – your personal and household security will be at risk. Only you know your own environment, so prepare and acquire the ‘tools’ necessary to deter and/or defend what’s yours.

Radio Communications: Assume that electricity is out (a common assumption while preparing for TEOTWAWKI ;). Your cell phones, internet, and landlines will not be working. 2-way communications will be doable with devices like handheld 2-way radios (great for neighborhood comms and security), CB radios, or HAM radios (longer range). Many will power via 12-volt battery, however a means to charge them is paramount (solar).

OMG there is SO MUCH MORE, however as I said up top, lists are fun. Especially when you as readers add your own comments. It’s like brainstorming – and often helps others who themselves may not have thought of ‘that’…

Your turn: