Chicago Mayhem, Civilization’s Thin Veneer


Hundreds of teenagers pouncing on non-suspecting pedestrians while walking city streets. This was the scene Saturday night on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’, an area of diverse specialty and retail shops, towering shopping centers, and iconic department stores.

“You have over three to four hundred teenagers with mob action, jumping on individuals that are downtown,” “I didn’t know what was going on,” “It’s been happening a lot around here,” “Just keep your wallet close and your purse closer.”

Is this a setting calling for situational awareness? You bet it is…

We haven’t even suffered a collapse yet, and we’re seeing mob behavior with hundreds of youths with nothing better to do than to attack pedestrians to steal their wallets and purses.

Can you even imagine what would happen if we truly suffer an economic collapse or other such major disaster? It would be social chaos and mayhem like you’ve never seen before.

It’s like what we’ve said over and over again… Where you have major population densities, you have the potential for lots of trouble. When the systems are all working, great efficiencies and production can result. When these systems fail, disaster will surely follow.

In this case, you simply have hundreds of hoodlums banding together in mob force, breeding an atmosphere of mob mentality where sometimes anything goes. People tend to lose their sense of personal responsibility and will be much more likely to act out while believing there will be no consequences since they are just one small part of the whole mob. Very bad things can happen to the innocent bystander in these situations.

This event from the weekend should be a reminder how we live with these risks and are vulnerable while in densely populated regions, some more notoriously dangerous than others… The thing is, this kind of thing would explode everywhere following a societal collapse, as the thugs take advantage of the disorder and the desperate begin doing desperate things.

Situational awareness and security are extremely important aspects to modern survival and preparedness. The veneer of civilization is thin.

Do not believe that social chaos will never happen near you.
Do not believe that someone else will protect you.

Do believe that you are responsible for your own safety.
Do take action to protect yourself.
Do pay more attention.

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  1. Why won’t any of the news reports call a spade a spade? These are black gang-bangers, a product of the federal welfare system.

    1. This is what happens when the government pays generation after generation to sit home on their asses and not work. Where is the motivation to get a job? “idle hands……” These rats have nothing better to do than rob people who actually work and were out spending their EARNED money. END the welfare, COMPLETELY. Develop a “you don’t work, you don’t eat attitude”. These rats will be too busy working or starving to death to cause this type of trouble again.

      1. But I guess developing that attitude won’t get any votes so It’ll NEVER happen. The gubment will just keep robbing the worker to pay the rich and buy votes from the lazy and poor

        1. That they do. Obama was re-elected that way. Sigh.

          If you believe in prepping, keep it to yourself.

          Cyprus make look “good” in the near future. Not a good time to be in intangibles.

      2. Your implying a cause and effect between being on welfare and roving gangs of thugs. This simplistic view ignores the reality of no jobs and an increasing feeling of hopelessness among young people, whether they are from the gettos or from the saging middle class neighborhoods. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The response from the middle class will be only different in the level of hostility and anger. When the american people finally realize that they are living in a fasict state, look out!

  2. I believe this type of thing will only get worse. Wait until the free stuff begins to run out.

    Be aware of your surroundings. I watch how people are so focused on their cell phones and not aware of what is going on around them. They are targets to these mobs.

    These mobs have been increasing over the past few years with the help of social media. Get away immediately when you see these crowds begin to grow. Walk quickly but confidently. I’m a fairly large man and usually get a certain level of respect from one or two young people. But when the group is over 3 or 4, they become more bold.

    God Bless this Great Republic

    1. It pretty much has to get worse. The policy, if you will, of the last few administrations has been, has been less than ‘forward looking’. I don’t envy those in the future,

  3. Reminds me of something that a baseball(?) announcer once said. He didn’t know he was on the air. Something like “the things you see when you don’t have a deer rifle”. Referring to a woman in stands. Oops.

    Hopefully you all have several of Joe Bidens shotguns. Two is one, one is none, and all that.

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