Are You In The Wrong Job?


Survival isn’t just about disaster, preparedness, or the end-of-the-world doom and gloom… today’s modern survival can be as important as having the right job. Ask yourself this: “Are you in the wrong job?”, and be honest with yourself.

Trust me… having the right job will make or break your overall happiness. You probably know what I mean because I believe that statistically there is a large percentage of you that are not very happy with your current or past job.

Granted, in today’s environment it can be difficult to deal with the stresses as you  are stretched thin and asked (required) to do more than may seem reasonable at times. Especially when you are trying to balance your work life with your personal time.

It can be tough. Even if you like your job, but you have an @$$h0!e boss (pardon the not so disguised explicative), your life at work can be made difficult, to say the least.

Here’s the thing… while it is easy to feel trapped in your job, as though you have no alternative but to continue to endure it, even in today’s economy you stand a reasonable chance of alternatives.

Until you have actually been in a job that you really enjoy, it is difficult to realize how life changing that it can be. For those of you who have found your niche, you know exactly what I’m saying. It is so important to be where you belong. For your physical health. For your mental health. For your longevity. For your spouse and family. For those around you. It’s huge.

I saw this image today (displayed at the top) which inspired me to comment on it. The picture says it all. In fact, like the little Dachshund who must KNOW that it is in the wrong line of work, you too KNOW in your gut when you are out of place.

So my suggestion… if you know it, then do something about it. While you continue to try and pull the sled with the other dogs, start looking for your niche. Look inward. What is it that you enjoy personally? What are your hobbies? Then spend some time and discover the related jobs that may exist that encompass or touch upon those things. You WILL be happier.

Doing something that you love is a game changer. It brings on a mindset of contentment, happiness, independence, and freedom. You will not feel like a slave to your boss or your company. And get this… there’s a bonus… when you really enjoy your job, you WILL do better than those who may not like it so much. The result of which is usually eventual higher pay and success. In fact, this is one of the keys to success… doing what you like!

Food for thought.


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  1. Keep your mind open, when I found the best job for me it was a job I’d said for many years I’d never want to do. Nine years later I still enjoy going to work and now have one of my daughters working with me and another working at another location for the same company. We all enjoy the work and our employers are an exceptional group who care about the people who work for them. The good jobs and good bosses are out there.

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